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Tough Times, Tough Decisions


A message from Master Brown,


The message below is my original message concerning our tuition and the state of our discounted rates policy. Things are getting better but I do not want to jump the gun and bring discounted tuition back too early.  May and June brought us a lot of new students and we are doing well.  If these new students stick around ( we all know that a new student doesn't necessarily mean a new long term enrollment ) and if we continue to get more new students, I hope to have discounts back in place at the end of the summer. The discount structure will most likely be different but it will still help families get a better deal.


Original message:


Here at Oklahoma Taekwondo, the pandemic is forcing us to make hard choices in order to persevere and survive.  For the time being we are removing our discount tuition pricing for 3,6 and 12 month tuition packages as well as the discount pricing for black belt students.


I know that many of you take advantage of these discounts and that makes me happy because they are intended to reward those who are committed to long term training.  Unfortunately our enrollment is too low for us to survive beyond October if everyone continues to take advantage of those discounts.


In an effort to be as transparent as possible I will explain the reasoning for this course of action.  The school needs 22 full paying students to break even each month.  This covers rent and bills and that is all.  Currently we have 15 active students attending class and most of them usually take advantage of our discounts.  Please understand that if it were not for the pandemic I would not do this.


If the 15 currently active students continue to attend class and pay full monthly price we can survive, with the remainder of our fundraising cash, until Jan.


If we can get 7 more students to enroll or return then the school will survive.


Once the pandemic is resolved and everyone feels comfortable returning, and our student base gets back to where it is feasible, the discounts will return.


I hope everyone understands.  I really appreciate each and every one of you and I have enjoyed sharing the benefits of Taekwondo with our community.


Thank you,

Master Brown