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Uniform & Equipment Rules

  • Students must wear the traditional white Taekwondo uniforms and correct belt during class, competitions, and demonstrations.
  • Students must have clean, pressed uniforms at all times.
  • Belts should be tied with the ends even. Consult higher ranking students for the correct tying technique.
  • Students must be in complete Taekwondo uniform while in the classroom.
  • Taekwondo uniforms cannot be worn to work out in outside of the dojang.
  • No smoking or eating is allowed while the student is in uniform.
  • When a student removes his/her uniform they must put it on a hanger or fold it correctly.
  • The correct procedure for folding the Taekwondo uniform is:
  • The top is folded as it is worn.
  • The arms are folded toward the middle.
  • The bottom is folded upwards.
  • The pants are folded as they are worn.
  • The pants are folded in half.
  • The pant legs are folded upwards.
  • The pants are lain on the top.
  • The belt is folded and lain on the pants
  • The top is folded into thirds.
  • The Taekwondo uniform or belt must never be thrown on the floor.
  • Students are responsible for their own equipment. It should not be left at the school overnight.