119 E. 8TH Avenue

Stillwater, OK  74074


Oklahoma Taekwondo is temporarily closed in an effort to help slow the potential spread of COVID-19.

We intend to reopen on March 30th.


Hello Students and Parents,


After a lot of thought, I have decided to temporarily close the Oklahoma Taekwondo dojang for 2 weeks.  We will tentatively re-open on March 30th. This decision was not easy for me, but ultimately I think it is the right path to take at this time.


Why did OKTKD decide to temporarily close?


Simply put, I feel it is the right thing to do.


Over the past few days the country, state, and municipality that we live in have all individually declared a state of emergency due to this new virus and a resulting condition known as COVID-19.


The following excerpt from Stillwater’s declaration is clear:


“This declaration closes some City-owned facilities, cancels events and meetings, and highly encourages local restaurants, bars and businesses to impose strict social distancing measures. It will begin Monday, March 16 at 12 a.m. and will remain in effect until Sunday, April 5—but it can be extended if need be.”


I was hoping that we would be able to stay open and continue to train, perhaps by distancing ourselves from each other and temporarily suspending any sparring or training that requires touch.  This is just not realistic. Simply yelling or Kiyaping during class could spread this virus.


I have heard and read many experts state that this virus is extremely infectious and very dangerous for a lot of people that contract it.  Even though they are stating that young people (which make up most of our student base) seem to be very minimally affected by this virus, they are still contagious and can spread it to others.  I fear that we could accidentally spread it to each other and ultimately to a loved one or friend that is more vulnerable than we are.


I would rather be overly cautious than always wonder if I could have done more to prevent someone from getting sick or worse.


I paid for tuition, will I get that money back?


Everyone will get 2 weeks added to their current tuition package.  If things get worse and we have to stay closed for longer we will have to re-address this topic at that time.


I want to continue training on my own, how can I do that?


I will be producing and sharing a variety of materials for you to use so you can train at home.  Look for more emails in the near future with that information.


What about the upcoming rank test on April 3rd?


At this time, the rank test is postponed to a later to-be-determined date.  It can be disappointing to miss a rank test. I want everyone to remember that earning your black belt is not a race.  There will always be another rank test.


I heard that other martial arts schools are staying open, why do they get to continue training?


I cannot speak for others but I feel it is irresponsible to stay open during this crisis.  The safety of my students and their loved ones is more important to me than staying open and making money.


I hope everyone understands and comes back to class when this is all over.  I love teaching and each of you is very important to me. Please stay safe out there and stay healthy.




Master Brown and Melisah


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